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  1. I believe the one thing that made the Akira class unique, was that it has a fly through shuttle bay. Meaning that you can enter from the rear with a shuttle/fighter and fly out the front of the ship a few seconds later. I can’t fully tell from this picture, but it looks like it isn’t showing a fly through shuttle bay.

    • Yes, this is the generally accepted blurb. However, when you look at the cross section of the ship, the forward and aft doors do not line up. The aft doors are two to three decks high, the forward doors are only a deck and half, also, there width does not support a large flow of traffic. This present numerous problems with the “fly through” idea.

      And, as there is no canon schematic demonstrating the interior of the ship, I sided with common sense and drew what you see.

      Perhaps the Akira class is like all other classes. Individual ships have different interior configurations depending on the main mission of the ship.

  2. Well, I know that many years ago I was playing in an online RPG. The group had been affiliated with Paramount and Star Trek, including having their own section on the http://www.startrek.com website. I know the information we got for the Akira class, because I the captain of one, was that it had a fly through hanger. It was basically a carrier because of this design feature. It also had that the top where you have showing the “Targeting Sensors”, that is a module. It can be changed out for multiple missions, whether it be combat, exploration, colonization/rescue, etc. Seems the one that you have is geared more for combat, since it has torp launchers front and back.

    • Yes, that pod is the centre of many a debate. There are those that think it is bristling with 20 or so torpedo launchers! There is also concept art from the designers showing launchers are various angles in the pod. Frankly, I always considered that overkill. One launcher fore and aft seemed enough to me.
      So, I put in fore and aft torpedo launchers as it made sense. In ST:First Contact you see torpedoes fired from the pod. That makes it canon as at least a partial weapons platform.

      The carrier idea has merit. Those doors in the aft hull are huge. I just still do not see how those tiny doors up front can facilitate a through deck hangar bay with any meaningful benefit. They would not allow a large amount of traffic to pass, so would effectively create a bottleneck. Seems a bit of a silly design flaw to me.

      Lets for a moment forget that obvious design issue and look at the MSD as drawn.
      The Galaxy class main shuttle bay, according to the blue prints, takes up almost 3 entire decks.
      However, in the centre of the saucer section and thus the shuttle bay, there is an “island” for ODN trunks, turbo shafts and administration facilities, etc. Perhaps the Akira has the same and what you see in this MSD is that island. Besides, the warp core must go somewhere. Centre of mass, as far away from weapons fire as feasible without obstructing it’s line of ejection makes sense.

      And before you say it, no I do not prescribe to the silly notion of the Akira class having two warp cores. (People come up with this notion due to two hatch like greeblies on the top of the “booms” on the exterior of the ship)


      1) That’s just insane. If the massive hulk of the Galaxy class can make do with one, I see no reason why the Akira can’t.

      2) Another core just adds another relatively fragile ticking time bomb to the ship. Making the ship twice as vulnerable to a core breach than any other ship in the fleet. No one in their right mind would design a ship as such.

      3) No, extra super duper core shields, dampners, etc do not cut it to make it more stable. The Galaxy class had all sorts of toys, but still suffered core breaches.

      4) It’s just a lame idea!

      Fact is, the Akira, along with the Steamrunner, Norway, etc, was designed to fill a scene of battle for a few fleeting moments in Star Trek First Contact with ships that are radically different to the Enterprise, so that the weak minded would not confuse them for the latter in exterior shots. No further thought was given to it.
      As such, and as far as I am concerned, her interior is up to artistic impression. I might not agree with what everyone suggests. But to each their own. I drew this MSD to match my thoughts on the design of the ship and how I felt the major interior components fit best. There are design issues, as there are with any ship if you try to put a logical interior to them. But that just breeds creativity 🙂

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