7 comments on ““Tut tut. Young minds. Fresh ideas. …be tolerant.”

  1. An interesting analysis. I am glad that Trek is back, but I wish they had following a few more of the rules (i.e. NOT destroyed Vulcan or Romulus) and relied more on actual science (i.e. black holes are space phenomenon with such a great gravitational force that not even light can escape, they do NOT send you back in time). But, as the French say, C’est la Vie (such is life).

    Or, in the same tone as Scotty, “Aye, sir. That will be done.”

  2. I will admit that I was one of the few who liked the opening of Enterprise. It showed the history. Star Trek has a history. I was actually exciting for the series. We got to see how everything came together. It didn’t feel like it deviated or took away from the other shows.

    Sadly, I can not say the same for NuTrek. I have to agree with LTF. Maybe I wouldn’t feel so alienated from this movie if there was that connection to the other shows. I will not argue what I felt were many faults.

    I have found myself attaching my fandom to the Star Trek Online MMO. The history is still there. So, I am really hoping it will do really well. I look forward to see more of the STO displays. 🙂

  3. I just found your site… It’s superb, by the way. Linked over from SFM forums. Anyway, I wouldn’t use your stuff anywhere over the ‘net but I’ve dl’d a few of my faves and look at them from time to time. I sit and wonder what it would be like to walk around in a vessel like these. You’ve got a great eye for this!

    Anyway, I appreciated your comments on ST:Ent and ST2009. Great shows!

  4. Glad you said that. Very good points. Though I’m sure you and B.S. over at Ex Astris Scientia could have an endless debate about it. I’d pay real money to see that.

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