14 comments on “Having the Ambassador round for dinner

  1. Ah, the beautiful Ambassador Class. Quite possibly the most underrated class of ship in Star Trek. Great MSD.

  2. Beautiful. Absolutely stunning in every way. I love the Ambassador-class so much.

    Might I point out for perfection’s sake that you misspelled ‘subspace’ a couple of times in the descriptions, though?

  3. What they said. Beautiful msd of my favourite ship. One or two minor things- the antimatter pods should probably be where the moonshine and the naughty people are for optimum ejectability and the third shuttlebay got turned into a cargo bay when there’s lots of room for cargo elsewhere. That said, you have easily the best msd’s, whether on the web or in the shows.

    • I tend to steer clear of screen used names to avoid rivet counters and falling foul of blood thirsty copyright lawyers.
      But, I’ll put this on my to do list as I am planning to upgrade my Ambassador class MSD to something more in line with my current design style.

  4. Is this MSD based on the 525m length from Ex Astris, or the 478m length touted by Sternbach? Based on a 2009 date of creation, I am thinking the former, but was curious.

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