8 comments on “It’s a Constitution.

  1. very cool work! gotta learn how to do this…..can you recommend anything or training vids?

    • Adobe Illustrator is indespensible for working on this sort of thing. Getting a copy of that would be my first recommendation.
      Secondly, take a look at all the MSDs you can fine, there isn’t any way I can teach you how to do them, it’s something you either figure out or don’t. Practice with Illustrator and you will eventually get it.

  2. This is an immense piece of work, like all your LCARS designs, but I have always loved the Enterprise A style. What would it take do create full colour deck plans for this ship? I note that your skill and speciality is ship schematics rather than deck layouts, but do you fancy the challenge?

    Forever in your debt you allowing us to look at this, in such great detail.

      • Yes the deck plan style. There are some not very clever line drawings about, but could be vastly improved upon.

      • Interesting. I’ll look into it. It certainly is not beyond my skill level. The only question is that of time 🙂

      • They exist here if you need a starting point and guide http://www.cygnus-x1.net/links/lcars/enterprise-deck-plans.php but you will see the corridors design is hopeless, they have corridors on front and back of cabins, and there are no shared crew cabins (the dorm style) that we have seen on various points.
        There are some Nova class deck plans http://www.cygnus-x1.net/links/lcars/sd-uss-nova-nx-72228.php which are immense too, I love this ship and waiting for the day a series is made surrounding it. So something colourful in your own style that you do so well would be greatly appreciated.
        That you openly give work away for free is immense too, and one day I hope to have a 2meter long back lit graphic on my wall that is designed by you. Once I can afford to do it, I will formally request your permission 🙂

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