6 comments on “Centaur comes galloping

  1. Hi,I found this site through the Drexfiles.This is a great schematic! I have long been a fan of this ship.For those not in the know – There is some info on the kitbash DS9 fleet on the Drexfiles.’Centaur’ was built by a man named Adam Buckner who was involved in the visual effects for DS9’s 6th season.The ship was refered to as the Centaur in the episode,but the filming model was actually called USS Buckner.The ‘real’ scale size is that of a Miranda class ship not Excelsior.
    You can find details of the ship and the filming model on the website ‘Ex Astris Scienta’.However-What I would really like is some photos of the filming model.Particularly the underside of the saucer as I’m trying to build a model and would like to identify all the ‘Greebles’ there.Anyway,thanks and keep up the good work.Phil

    • Hi, thank you for your comments.
      I studied the pictures on Drexfiles and Ex Astris Scienta very closely for several days before I drew this MSD.
      I decided to follow the visual cues on the model when figuring out its scale.

      It’s scale is not all that certain. What’s said by the VFX crew does not match up with the on screen evidence.
      Much like the scale of the defiant.
      Besides, as there is nothing realy official, I used some artistic license.

  2. Alexander,

    I really like the job you’ve done on this graphic. May I use it on my desktop?

    I did base the scale on the bridge piece (and roll bar) when I built the model. Gary Hutzel shot the model, and scale is both hard to tell and maintain when shooting motion control models!

    Phil: I have two or three photos up at http://www.adambuckner.com/ but nothing of the underside… The page is a placeholder for more info “when I get ’round tu it.” If you need more details, I can see what I can dig up, as the shooting model is mine, and I still have it. It was designed for either Mid-to-BG filming, or moving shots in closeup (as it was seen in Gary’s episode), so the detail is very large and chunky and may not hold up well for stills.

    Again, really nice graphic, and good to see someone likes the ship.

    • Thank you, and of course you can use it, she’s your baby 🙂
      Of all the odd kit bashes, this one is the most practical looking one. I guess that’s why I like it.

      Would you like one with the original name and reg of the model?
      I avoid using screen used names for obvious reasons, but I’m sure providing one to a particular models creator shouldn’t prove problematic.

  3. Thankyou SOOOOOO much for responding Adam.I would appreciate seeing any photos of the U.S.S. BUCKNER that you might have.I have saved your site to my ‘favourites’and will keep looking.Please don’t feel you have to apologize for not putting up pictures before.I fully appreciate that you must be very busy.Please don’t rush.Any photos you produce of your models will be gratefully received by myself and others.I really enjoyed the article on your DS9 model ships that featured in the Drexfiles.Looking at the responses,I’m not the only fan of your work.I look forward to seeing more photos of your work.It was good to hear from you. Thanks & all the best,Phil

  4. I just came across this site through a link from another site. I have been working on a studio scale build of the U.S.S. Centaur since early 2005. Another modeler and I have pretty much ID most of the parts used on the original build, but I would also love to see some new pictures taken of the Primary Hull underside greeblies as I am not sure of a couple parts I used due to the fact that screen captures of that area are not clear enough to identify smaller parts used. Adam….if you should see this post sometime soon, please know there are some of us who would love to see some new clear pictures of the Centaur model you built. Thanks in advance for any help in this.


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