5 comments on “Miranda

  1. Man, I love this ship. Every since I saw TWOK when I was a kid, I’ve loved the Reliant (and whatever other names it’s gone by. ;)) I too was glad it was included in the major battles in DS9. Some of my other favorites didn’t make it but this one did, even though they for some reason gave it blue glows on its nacelles. (I guess they were refits. ;)) And the death of the Majestic is definitely one of my favorite scenes from the war.

    OK, now that I got that off my chest, I’m again loving this MSD. Great work. I also love the funny stuff on there, “Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing,” “Too Small to Read” and “Random Button” really made me chuckle. 😀

  2. Hey there! I was looking over the Miranda and something felt missing to me until it hit me. Shuttlebays! She didn’t have a Shuttlebay. What if she is made a bigger scale like how you did the Defiant, do you think she would have room then?

  3. The lack of shuttlebays is due to my decision to exclude them as both shuttle bays are either side of the center line and not actually on it.

    Some suggest the shuttle bays come together forward of the core, but since there is no canon evidence of this, I decided to stick with what is visualy seen on the model: 2 Shuttle bays one at either side of the centerline.

  4. I love the msds i think they are very detailed. But i was wondering if you have a msd of the prometheus class.

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