16 comments on “Scaling the Defiant

  1. hello bud this is another great msd from you just found this site a couple of days ago amd am really enjoying all the msd anyway the defy is one of my fav ships rock on

  2. You know, the 8 decks layout makes lot more sense. Good job! You even have the little sickbay that Julian had to set up. 😀 Oh! Thank you so much for the Centaur. For some reason, I have always liked the little Centaur. Strange, I know. 😀 Now, I have been trying to figure where to put my Ready Room and where is the Mess Hall. 😀

    Have you ever considered doing Stations? Maybe even Alien ships? 😀 Keep up the great work. 😀

  3. When you get boared I would love to see the msd for some of the klingon ships such as the d7 or vorca class. I also liked the Centaur it was one of the better kitbash from ds9. rock on

  4. true. As i remember most of the kitbash ships were vairents of the excelcior class. and the yager was a cross between the intrepid and marquie fighter

  5. Yeah,they really did some funky deck layouts for Jim Martin-designed ships. I don’t think they gave the Defiant or Voyager enough decks. According to both ships’ deck plans, the decks are about 6 meters high. However, there’s no onscreen evidence to support this, especially with the Defiant.

    Great MSD, it really looks authentic. 🙂

    • You can see how low the decks are on the defiant in a few episodes when you see the crew walk along the corridors.
      The ceiling is low, to give the ship a more compact, military look. 🙂

      Since doing this MSD, I’ve figured out the actual layout of the ship fits 6 decks…. guess I’m gonna have to do yet another version!

      Thanks for the comments 🙂

      • Yeah, you can see how some of the taller actors really have to duck their heads in some places. Like current naval craft, (especially submarines) it’s designed for a functionality, not comfort. So, as much as I love Doug Drexler’s, Herman Zimmerman’s and Rick Starnbach’s work, I can’t accept the 4-deck layout in the DS9 technical manual. It doesn’t account for the size of the ship and the shortness of the ceilings on the sets, especially the corridor and crew quarters sets.

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