11 comments on “The reports of my death…

  1. Any chance of a MSD on plexiglass or similar translucent material which one could mount on the wall with backlighting?

    Kidding. Posters would be neat.

      • Actually I’m surprised it’s possible for that little money. Kind of surprised it’s possible at all, though I suppose I ought not to be. If I were a wealthy man… Hmm…

  2. To be honest it was only a cursory check. There will no doubt be hidden costs. It was for a print, 1 metre wide on a translucent material with the black sections printed in a special light blocking paint like the dials on car dashboards.

  3. If you build it, he will come.

    Once I figure this all out, I’ll post a price list.
    I’m not expecting any copyright issues as I’m using custom names etc, not screen used.
    (Apart from the defiant, but I’ll change that)

  4. What about the idea of “smaller” MSDs on clear acetate? I saw some at a con in Florida a few years ago; they were about 6×9 inches in size but the byer could backlight them himself. Kind of cool.

  5. Might you consider the possibility of producing other LCARS graphics, besides MSDs, to be printed on transparent material? No doubt some folks would love to put together a whole LCARS workstation.

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