4 comments on “Oberth = Oh bother

  1. I’d go with something close to the screen accurate version. Most of the on-screen evidence points to a ship between 120 and 150 meters, but Bernd puts forth some good arguments why it should be somewhere in the 220m range. At 220m, it’s still definitely a smaller ship but big enough to support at least 3 decks in the saucer, as well as easier access to that beast of a lower hull. I’d go with either the “canon” 150m version or the 220m, personally.

    Check out my On the Bench model building blog at http://novahobbies.com/benchblog/ ! 😉

  2. ‘Canon’ information may be what it may be, but what really matters is what we see on-screen. Canon is really just information to stitch together everything presented on-screen anyhow. Definitely stick closer to screen-accurate than anything else.

    Anyway, given your work it’ll look good one way or another.

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