35 comments on “I’m probably going to regret this…

  1. Well … I think the “Prometheus” deserves its own MSD well done.

  2. aye, Prometheus was a cool ship….

    but my vote is for HMS Jake Maverick NCC 1- 007

    personally, always wanted to build soemthing like this


    but if i did it my way, i wd want a large MSD/ engineering highly detailed schematic in the background, unique style, perhaps slightly more movie era in terms of colours, but more detailed….basically, if i ever did get the emans to build that i wd do it reminiscnet of Star Trek Style, probably more voyager era, but i wd want totally unique and not specifically star trek, although similar style….hence wd need original graphics….toying with idea of learning how to do these things myself but i am a total novice!

    cheeky request i know….regretting it yet? πŸ˜‰


  3. uh oh, audience suggestions. Thats never a good idea :p

    how about the New Enterprise? Oh, wait thats got scale issues! If your willing to do non-trek, how about an Earth ship from Stargate SG1? Wait… scale issues as well. Hmm


    TARDIS? πŸ˜‰

    okay seriously now. How about the Stargazer (Constellation class)? Don’t know if anyones done a proper MSD for that.


  4. Long time lurker here and I love your work man! Some starships out there begging for your treatment. The Olympic class, they Yeager type from DS9 has never been touched or what about the four ENT Starfleet designs?

  5. Long time lurker here and I love your work man! Some starships out there begging for your treatment. The Olympic class, the Yeager type from DS9 has never been touched or what about the four ENT Starfleet designs?

  6. I enjoy frequenting your blog to see what you’re up to (the lack of anything new has been frustrating!), personally I’d also like to see the Prometheus and Olympic classes, but also the Intrepid class and the non cannon Dawnstar class (an elegant design in its own way). Either way, whatever you create next is bound to be a fine piece of art, keep up the great work!

  7. Maybe it’s too much a run-of-the-mill suggestion, but the retro Miranda MSD seems like a worthy project. If you’re planning to get to it eventually, than I’ve also got a related, but unusual one: the Apache class, a souped-up Miranda variant (basically a Miranda with two additional nacelles above the saucer section, the starboard shuttlebay replaced with extra deuterium and antimatter tanks, and additional outboard pulse phaser cannons mounted where the nacelle pylons join the hull).

    Alternately, the Constellation class would be pretty nice.

  8. Has anyone produced an MSD of the Titan? That might be a fun one…

    Otherwise I’d also vote for the Olympic. Excellent ship there!

  9. I have never seen a DS9 MSD, it looks quite challenging and would love to see someone create one.

  10. I like the Olympic Class idea, so I’ll be doing that.
    Followed by ships from Enterprise.

    Thanks for the input folks. I’m almost done with my latest. Watch this space.

  11. The Destiny from SGU would be cool! a bit of retro styley….but as detailed as the LCARS…similar colours perhaps, bit difficult i know as i dnt think they’ve even finished designing the internal layout yet…bit of a challenge for you! πŸ˜‰

  12. You know, I’ve not seen one single frame of film of either SGA or SGU! I also missed most of SG1 too.
    Come to think of it, I’ve not seen any BSG beyond the mini series!
    Hell, I am soooooooooooo behind! Curses to not having Satellite TV!

  13. you need to catch up man!!! Rodney McKay in SGA defo is my kinda guy! πŸ˜‰ first half of SGU was ace, second half started to drift a bit see what happens….

    ending of BSG a lil disapointing, i wnt give it away for you, but defo worth watch….their grpahics were never up to much though!

    you ever catch Farscape? that was the best! wd love to see MSD of a Command Carrier, and/ or Talon….

    shame not much on terrestrail these days (i presume you UK?) but fortunately i used to have friends with a DVD collection…for the lcience fee thought there should be a rule that they’re obliged to have at least two hours of soemthing decent per week or soemthing….;-)

  14. Olympic class or Luna class or Constellation Class would be lovely choices

  15. The Luna class and some of the Fan made designs out there. Some examples being the Charleston, the Diligent, the Excalibur, the Ares, the Concorde, the Insignia and the Ronin. All beautiful ships. Dawnstar is a good pick too. Or the ships from the new Abrhams star trek, like the Newton. There are some other cannon ships id love to see here too. The Niagara for example. I LOVE that ship.

    The Battlestar Galactica from the new series WOULD prove amazing as an MSD. Albiet very hard. Its huge. Lol. A few of the civilian vessels would be interesting too.

  16. I favor the Luna-class or the Venture-class, as they’ve figured prominently in several novels since Nemesis. Riker’s Titan is a Luna, while Ezri Dax ends up in command of a Venture during the multi-author book series started by David Mack.

  17. I would like to see several starships cause I love to collect them you did a great job on all those ship you created and I really like to see Nova,Prometheus,Luna and any ship anyone ask for.let me know if you got what it takes good job on those ships…

  18. Enterprise NCC-1701J would be challange to say the least. Think Doug puts it about 2 or miles long meaning the constitution class would might probably fit in its defelctor dish. As a Generational ship and exploring other Galaxies I read somewhere on Doug’s blog that it is assumed the ship would have entire parks, site to site transproters instead of turbo lifts and who knows what else πŸ™‚

  19. Enterprise J would definately be a challenge and take 6 to 12 months at least!

    Prometheus: Junk hauler that was never supposed to live beyond one episode. I personally hate it

    Luna: Abomination, Ill thought out design with a “ooo me too!!” pod that looks so much like a last minute add-on I find it hard to believe it wasn’t anything else. This ship would never have made it onto the screen as those who know a good ship when they see it would have laughed it off. Suffice to say, I despise it.

    Nova: Doable, but there are plenty available on the net already.

  20. I think I posted somewhere else on your blog about what ships I’d liek tos ee, but I’ll do so here again as I adore your work and wish I had the gift!

    I would love to see MSDs of the Nova-class, Nebula-class, Diligent-class, and what the heck, what about the Aerie-class (the S.S. Raven from Voayger episodes “The Raven” and “Dark Frontier”)?

    Going outside of Trek, I’d love to see some MSDs of the Naboo Royal starship from Star Wars Episode I, as well as a Star Destroyer.

  21. I saw you put up a ship from Perpetual’s Star Trek Online. Have you thought about tackling any of the ships that made it in game? I personally like the Excalibur class cruiser, kind of a new age Constitution.

  22. Love the artwork! Have seen some designs by lcarsstudio.com and their offerings for framed prints. But their selection isn’t what I think it should be, I’d love to see you follow thought with your plans to make posters and prints for sale , particularly the excelsior class msd. I’d be your first customer. Thanks, keep up great work !

  23. Seeing that you’ve done the Sulaco, I’d love to see other, non Star Trek Ships done in that style such as this. Perhaps the Cygnus from Black Hole or the Battlestar Galactica.

    You’ve done the Danube class runabouts, so how about the Millennium Falcon?

    Sorry if I’m being a pain, but I have only just discovered your blog.

    • I have a list so long, I could be at it for years. Currently I’ve been flat out on keeping up with paid work. But always check out this blog for new stuff πŸ™‚

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