22 comments on “Full steam ahead

  1. Nice work as usual. I’ve always liked the Steamrunner-class. Even though it’s nowhere near as popular as the Akira-class, it’s actually my favorite of the ships that Alex Jaeger designed for FC. But that’s because I tend to like unusual designs and this one definitely qualifies. πŸ˜‰

  2. as always very nice work! I’m curious though, where are you selling the prints? how much for? can you print on acetate? thought u wd have a link for taht somewhere but i can’t quite find it…..

    also are there not copyright issues? had the impression you weren’t officially employed by paramount…;-)

  3. I’ve not finished researching the printing service yet.
    As soon as I know what’s happening, I will post up here.
    For the time being, all new MSDs will be watermarked and I’ll be retromarking my existing ones.

    According to a friend of mine who is a lawyer, as long as I do not use any well known names, there shouldn’t be any issues. Even then, the names themselves are not copyrighted.
    And all my graphics are my own, I have not copied anything.

    • You might want to be careful, dude. You’re getting yourself into a big gray area that can go either way.

      The Steamrunner-class itself is a copyrighted design. I’m sure LCARs itself is copyrighted also. Many of your graphical bits themselves (the computer core, navigational deflector, shuttles, to name a few) are also clearly Star Trek in origin and the whole piece itself is done in the same style as Mike Okuda’s work for TNG and its spinoffs and films. So, no matter what your friend the lawyer says, Paramount could come after you for copyright infringement. Whether or not they would win would be up to the judge.

      Now, Paramount’s official view on works created in fandom is that they are covered by fair use copyright law. Thus, their official stance is to ignore us (the fandom community) because of that view. However, you’re talking about SELLING these. That could change things. Part of the understanding between Paramount and the fandom community is that they will ignore us as long as we don’t make money on their intellectual property.

      Just a friendly warning. I certainly wouldn’t presume to try and stop you but there can be consequences if you start making money off of Paramount’s intellectual property.

      • Wise words indeed.

        But I will not be making money. I do not want to either.
        I will be charging only to cover costs. This, according to my friend, does not fall foul of any laws. As long as there is no profit, there is no claim.

      • Besides, there are several websites offering prints for sale of Lcars, mostly direct copies of those seen on screen. I know this as they pride themselves on screen accuracy!

        My MSDs on the other hand are unique in that they are more detailed and are mostly of classes that never had an MSD. This, according to my friend makes it ok for me to offer them for sale as prints as it’s taken the idea and expanded on it. Non of my material is copied. I may use an established style, but you cannot copyright style.
        For example: Mazda sells cars that look similar to any other manufacturer, 4 wheels. Doors. Seats, etc.
        Yet you don’t see the manufacturers at each others throats for selling similar looking cars.

        My graphics are on the same premise. Similar, but not copies.

        Even if I were to make any profit, it would be so little, it’d not be worth P’s time to persue the matter which, as you say, is a grey area and not something they’d be gauranteed to win!

  4. looks awesome πŸ˜€

    cept i understand why there on it all those gray lines of text kinda ruin this for me :-/ isnt whats wriitten in white good enough for watermarking? but if not thats ok πŸ™‚ Still a awesome LCARS MSD under the gray lines of text πŸ˜€

  5. Do you put a shark in all of your MSDs? πŸ™‚ I like it. ^.^ Along with the “Random shapes” specification.

    (The observation lounge specification is pointing at the Warp Core. >.> )

    • I know it’s pointing at the core πŸ˜‰ That is another little nod to the official ones, from time to time they’d label something incorrectly.

      Glad you like my work though πŸ™‚

      • Ah! I see. ^.^

        Have you ever considered doing MSDs for the Star Trek Online ships? :3

    • No, no Cern class in STO. : /

      Several of the original ships designed for STO before Cryptic took it over were binned, along with all of Andrew Probert’s interior designs.

  6. First off, these are absolutely great. I’ve been looking for high resolution and high quality LCARS displays for a while. Secondly, I’d like to know what you do all your work in. My best guess is Illustrator or a similar vector program. Also, I imagine you have a collection of all the small components and can simply arrange them to make new displays quickly.

    • Thank you for your kind comments.
      I do use Illustrator yes, as well as Photoshop for saving the previews for web viewing.
      I am building a catalogue of objects, yes, and they certainly help build MSDs quicker.
      Most the time spend these days in on the research and then figuring out where everything is likely to go.

  7. Since they’re only 72dpi on the blog and would print terrible, are the watermarks necessary? If you’re planning to sell prints they’d be much better quality then what anyone could get from these posts. I like to use these as desktop wallpapers and the watermarks ruin that D:

    • i concur/ have the same problem…..but can’t really blame the man! Personally, i wd like to print them off on acetate, with LED’s behind with a programmable circuit to make them animated…..cheaper than LCD screens anyway! πŸ˜‰

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