14 comments on “Happy New Year

  1. Hey, my name’s Jon. I got a Constitution MSD done by you some time ago with a custom name, love it btw! and had interest in another. Could you do a Constitution Class Refit MSD for the USS Essex? The registry doesn’t have to be specific, you can just make it up. It should probably be a 17 something or an 18 something though. (It’s for use on a Role Play and needs to be a 23rd century ship)

    Also, if I read right… you have an Insignia Class MSD you are updating? COOL! The afore mentioned Role Play could also benefit from an Insignia MSD, if one is or will be available with a custom name and registry.

    If you could do the Essex MSD for us, we’d really appreciate it! Same goes for the possibility of an Insignia Class. If not, thanks anyways for your time! You do really superb work! =/\=Jon

  2. I love your art…. you are talented my friend… I regularly visit to see what’s new, and what i think would be a cool MSD would be one from Bernd Schneider’s Ex Astris Scientia. His site is also a must visit for me when I get the chance to hop on the net. His EAS Fleet Yards are very cool… But anyways I’m rambling. 🙂 I would like to see YOUR take on his Blackbird Class scout. If you can’t that’s cool.


  3. I’m definitely looking forward to the revamped Nebula class.

    The Retro Miranda would look very cool also! Kind of like a Surya class??

  4. I would still love to see the Nova class MSD. A nice up to date replacement for the aged (but well loved) Oberth class.

  5. Your work is fantastic. The amount of detail you put into the MSDs is incredible, and I really enjoy looking for the details and the easter eggs. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

    I’m not sure if you’re interested in branching out further than Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica, but if you are, I think MSDs of the Prometheus (303) and Daedelus (304) class ships from Stargate would be absolutely awesome.

  6. I absolutely love your MSDs. Hope you don’t mind, but I have saved a bunch of them and I use them for references for my fan fiction.

    One of my ships is a Nebula Class, so I am definitely looking forward to seeing that one! I’d also like to see a Nova MSD, and of course the Intrepid.

    You do great work, keep it up!

  7. May i ask for My Ship MSD in fine detail?

    U.S.S. Phoenix
    NX- 91701-E
    Sovereign Class

    Small Detail:
    Phoenix is Twin Sister to Most Famous and Legendary Ship,
    U.S.S. Enterprise E
    Phoenix Was Originally to be Featured in Next Star Trek Series, “Star Trek: Adventures of Phoenix” an project that was dropped by Rick (director of ST TNG, STN)
    Phoenix is only Single Experimental Starfleet Ship that has Ability to Travel back Through Time and to Travel through Universes.
    Its Captain is quite Shocker: 21st Century Turned 25th Century Captain!
    eh.. captain part is my idea thought i’d throw in that lol

    • Hi there.
      Non-Enterprise ships with a suffix on their registries is a pet hate of mine.
      Only the Enterprise has been granted suffixes on her registry because of her Flagship status (and because it’s a kick ass name!).

      Also, you do realise, that the NX prefix is used to designate an a ship as an experimental prototype of a new class. NX prefixes do not have a suffix.
      Take the Exelsior and Defiant as examples. Both started their careers on our TV/Cinema screens as NX prototypes. They then eventually got NCC numbers.
      As the Sovereign class is an established design, no ship in it’s class would carry the NX prefix anymore. Even the prototype will have been designated an NCC number after trials were completed.

      I’m sorry, I really hate to disappoint, but I draw the line at ships with registries that have rogue prefixes and suffixes.

  8. Hey! Stumbled across your site a short while back, been amazed by the quality of your stuff! I’m currently working to geek-out my PC star trek style as much as possible, utilising some LCARS-style shell software, and your MSDs make excellent background images. However, the colour schemes don’t quite match up! If you happened to make an MSD with the TNG-style LCARS (more yellows and oranges etc) that would be, well, excellent, regardless of ship or class or what-have-you

    Or, alternatively, one with the Nemesis-style, the heavier blues etc, as I am able to customise the colours to a small degree on my end.

    Just a sidenote anyway, keep up the awesome work 🙂

    (For the record: here’s the state of things at present: http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j34/chewalden/LCARSdesktop.jpg?t=1306831015)

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