27 comments on “Can you tell what it is yet?

  1. i bet you it’s some sort of star trek related spaceship of some sort…..;-)

  2. Hey,

    Sorry for the relatively random post, but I am looking into creating my own MSDs. Would you allow me to trace some of your MSD elements if I attribute you in the work?



  3. Interesting hull. πŸ™‚ I take it the notches are nearer the centerline of the ship than the smoother outline around it. Possibly concentric ring-like structures, as viewed from the outside? She looks big as well. The design truly doesn’t ring a bell. Does this vessel appear in a canon source?

  4. Either the Vesta-class by Mark Rademaker, the Century-class by DJ Curtis, or the Legacy-clas by Galen Kaden.

    • All three of them are horrible, garish and quite frankly naff. Particularly the Vesta Class. Nope… neither of those.

      • I agree with you on the Vesta, and the Century class to a lesser degree, but Galen’s Legacy class is anything but horrible or garish. If anything, the Insignia (which this MSD seems most likely for) just doesn’t compare in terms of aesthetics and inspiration from canon sources, qualities that the Legacy (especially the new Mk.2 version) excels in by far.

  5. Based on the following observations:
    1) Bridge proximity to the leading edge of the saucer section would indicate a circular design, not oval.
    2) Recess structures between hull segments with half hexagon/octagon detail
    3) Flat ventral surface to the saucer section.
    4) Photorp ‘bubble’ on the dorsal saucer
    5) Slight offset of the bridge and photorp, not perfectly aligned

    I would agree with the others and guess the Insignia Class

    • Depends on how busy R/L is.

      As it stands, I might have it done for the weekend.
      However, Mark Kingsnorth has first dibs.

  6. BTW.. i just see that there are a yacht in the lovest deck and.. the logo of one of my favourites games ever: Star Wars – Jedi Knight 2 ^^ at the top of the 4th deck, beyond the hidroponic (or anyway it’s called) :)) niceee details again πŸ˜‰

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