17 comments on “A view from the outside

  1. Captain Jack Sparrow?
    Captain Rick Berman is´nt he a writer for TNG or was

  2. When I looked at the numbers of the lifeboat hatches, i found 2 lifeboats with number 007. Then I checked the others as well and missed number 024 and 056 to 059.

    • There’s always one 😉
      I did mention there were some bits I wanted look at. Those being them. Although the 007 was intentional.

  3. Hey man, great work, I’m a big fan. Did you create the images from scratch or did you trace some schematics?

    • I use pre-existing schematics, if available as a guide. But I do not trace anything, with the exception of the Intrpid class, for acuracies sake. I traced the outline and general internal arrangement, but drew it all by hand, nothing copied and pasted.

      • Well you’ve really done a fantastic job. Are you working on the ventral, fore and aft views too? At some point at least? Because I know I’m not the only one who’d love to see more.

      • Slowly working on the other views. This is what I have for the forward section thus far: (Right click and chose “View Image”)
        Forward View WIP

    • I detest that version of the Galaxy Class! After the Prometheus class, it is the ugliest thing I have ever laid eyes on.

      But, I might do.

  4. I’ve always had mixed feelings about the Galaxy class… there are many ways I’d like to tweak the design, but as the biggest and most capable canon Starfleet ship it’s something that I keep coming back to. And of course any class with a member that bares the name Enterprise can’t be all bad 😉

    What do you use to draw these plans? Illustrator?

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