17 comments on “An intrepid undertaking

  1. Wohohohooo ^^ finally…. my best beloved beauty :$ ^^ Can’t wait till the finished product will be available :)))

  2. I’m glad I checked out the blog today, for I see that you’ve decided to take on one of my favroite ships, the Intrepid-class! Now if you could just put U.S.S. Messenger in the upper left corner and NCC-74831 in the upper right when you add those finishing touches, it would be perfect

    Ha ha, j/k… sorta. It would be totally wicked if you used the name and registry of one of my fanfic ships, but that’s just a dream of mine. I know you’ll use whatever name and registry you bloody well please because it’s your MSD! πŸ˜€

    Anyhoo, can’t wait to see the finished product. It’ll certainly be bigger and more detailed than any other Intrepid MSD on the ‘net. And of course I’m looking forward to the Insignia and the Nebula as well!

    ((Dare I hope for a Nova someday?))

      • OMG!!! I am FLOORED!!

        This is going to sound so wimpy but I actually have tears in my eyes—I am absolutely stunned that you actually put my ship and registry number on there. I totally did not expect that.

        THANK YOU!!

        And Buck, I’ve seen other MSD’s on the ‘net that did not include the periods un USS. I know that typically they’re included, but sometimes not apparently. I’m not gonna complain, though because this is one of the most awesome things anyone ever did for me!

        Dude, I just noticed—not only is there a duck, but an R2-D2!! So kuul!!

      • Well, you caught me when I was at my most receptive, IE I was looking for a name and registry that made sense and was inline with known Intrepid class starship registries. Your suggestion fitted that bill precisely.
        Call it OCD if you will, but I prefer the registries to be inline with canon and realistic. Had you requested a registry with a suffix, you’d be right out of luck!

        Your reaction makes the work worthwhile anyhow πŸ™‚

  3. Ok, a few comments coming in by e-mail stating I’ve mislabeled the Captain’s quarters and this should be that, that should be this, yadda.

    Folks… the mislabel is part of the many little jokes I build into my MSDs. The screen used ones almost always had something mislabeled, so I always mislabel something as a nod to the ST Graphics gods Okuda and Drexler.
    Some of my labels are also jokes in themselves.

    Also, you’ll always find a shark, a duck and the number 24435541 in every MSD I do. The latter was my dads service number. (Miss you!).
    I randomly add others if I remember them: A Flux Capacitor or the Irn Bru tag line “Made in Scotland, from girders”. Look out for shopping trolleys, 21st century Captain’s Yachts, moonshine stills, R2-D2, storm troopers, a car and various other things that don’t belong on a starfleet ship.

    • I did notice the captain’s quarters were mislabeled, I admit. But I figured it was simply a minor mistake on your part and knew that should I find my own OCD bothering me about it, I could always open it up in Photoshop and fix it. Knowing me, I probably will, because I’m one of those kinds of people who, once I’ve noticed a mistake, I can’t let it go uncorrected for long (that is, if I have the ability to correct it). As it is, I was not in the least going to complain about it. You did me a great honor by using the name and registry I had jokingly suggested.

      I actually really like your little in-jokes like the duck and the shark and the funny labels like “Moonshine Still,” “Holonovels-R-Us,” and “Goes nowhere, does nothing.” After drooling over my MSD for a while, I noticed a bunch of other things, like R2 and the flux capacitor, as well as the girders thing you mentioned and some sort of company label I couldn’t quite make out. I also noticed that several of the buttons at the bottom have jokes on them, and I caught C-3PO (I think you have it C3 PO) and Obi-Wan Kenobi (which you put on as OW KEN). I love that stuff, I really do. It’s great fun. The only thing you didn’t put on the MSD that I would like to have seen (not that I am complaining!) was the holodeck(s). I think Voyager had two. Convention says they were on Deck 6, but I don’t think that was ever stated in canon, so not knowing where to put the holodecks would make it hard to add them, I suppose.

      As for the name and registry number, I have long thought that Messenger would be a great name for a Starfleet ship, and an Intrepid-class especially. I thought that it was in keeping with the theme of names mentioned, such as Intrepid and Voyager. The registry number is significant to me as my parents, though now divorced more than 20 years, got married on August 31, 1974—83174. I just rearranged the numbers to fit with a ship that was launched about a year after Voayger was.

      Gald I could be of service, even if it was coinkydink.

  4. First off, I wanted to say that these are tremendously nice and amazing MSD’s. I worked as one of the CG Supervisors on Voyager, DS9 and Enterprise. This stuff is better than anything I’ve seen canon.

    I was actually writing to say thank you for including my version of the Aeroshuttle in the Intrepid Class drawing. Your the only one I think. Although the basic outline was done by Rick Sternback, the rest was just little old me trying to make something cool. I never finished it the way I really wanted it, but the stuff we had to get done for every episode back then was ridiculous.

    Oh and thank you for doing the Nova Class ship! That was also my future-rising of the Equinox, which, in principle was okay, but felt it very clunky. So, I modified the NOVA Class as a ship more born of a John Eaves or Andy Probert design. I anted to do even more, but ran out of time and we saw it briefly and mostly from the top. So, I put the efforts there. Thanks for putting her in here before doing an Equinox!


    • Thank you very much.
      Praise from someone who was “on the team” is always especially nice to get πŸ™‚

      I can understand things being a little “Rough and ready” on set as they were rarely scene in enough focus to actually warrant the attention to detail us fans crave. All the same, pretty awesome work!

      Above all, you are most welcome πŸ™‚

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