29 comments on “Entering the Nebula

  1. Wow. If that’s your “Gawd awful”… what beauty have we to look forward to!?!?

  2. I agree—if that’s awful then I’ve no doubt what’s coming is going to be spectacular. I actually have that MSD saved and I’ve always wondered who did it. Now I know.

    Of course, I am most definitely looking forward to a more standard (but updated) Neb, as I have one of those in my fanfiction, too. Can’t wait to see what you do with it (please take out that gawd awful Galaxy captain’s yacht and put in something better, like a runabout or Sovereign yacht). If you need a name and registry number for it, I can help you there too! πŸ˜‰

  3. It is perhaps ‘awful’ compared to your more recent work even so it looks allright to me πŸ˜€ Yet it will be fun to see what you will do with the new version of the Nebula!

    • I can’t find any canon reference to the number of decks. But using the known scale of the saucers rim, this is what I came up with.

  4. Pertaining to the number of decks on a Neb, it depends on whether you subscribe to the neck of a Galaxy having ten decks or twelve. One website I go to for specs is http://www.ditl.org, and they list the Neb as having 32 decks. Another website, http://techspecs.startrek.acalltoduty.com, says it has only 30 (neither including the height of the mission pod or it’s support arm). Based on the DITL specks, the neck of the Galaxy was ten decks in height (as we know that a Galaxy has 42 decks), and based on the ACTD specs, the neck had twelve decks.

    Personally I prefer DITL because they get a lot of their information from canon and backstage sources. ACTD is an RPG group which has tweaked their specs to fit with the universe in which they operate (or so it seems to me).

    So I guess you just have to go with whatever feels right to you. My Nebula-class has the weapons pod on it, and most of the sources I have come across say it’s about three decks in height on it’s own.

    Eagerly anticipating this one!

    • I was just noticing your update piece. I alwasy thought that with the way the captain’s yacht kinda stuck out from the bottom of the saucer that it would get in the way of the torpedo tube that’s supposed to be right above the deflector. I see that you’ve added the torp/probe launcher, but it doesn’t look like there’s much in the way of clearance for the yacht, like you’d have to fit it further into the saucer or something.

      I look forward to seeing how you resolve the clearance issue.

      • I suppose you could always do what you did on the older Neb MSD you did, and put a torp launcher in place of the yacht…

      • Another option is to stick a launcher or two where the Galaxy-Class Saucer Deflector would be on the Nebula. The Nebula is incapable of Saucer Sep afterall.

  5. Better and indeed less ‘cluttered’ than the original. I must point out, however, that MSD’s have, for some reason, various multi-deck spaces, or at least the NCC 1701-D did.

  6. Hey there. I’m sure you’re a very busy fellow, but I hope you haven’t forgotten about the Neb! I’m sure I can safely speak for a lot of your admirers when i said we’re eagerly awaiting what you do with this one!

    • So awesome to see an update! Glad to know things have settled enough for you to get some work done on another of my ships… er, the Neb. Yeah, the Neb. πŸ˜‰

      I very much like the clear depiction of the airlock on deck ten—I’m currently writing a fanfic where I need the location of the airlocks, and I’ve looked at numerous sources where I either could not find it or it was located in a strange position (such as on the nacelle strut). There’s canon evidence (in DS9’s title sequence) that the Neb can dock via the saucer, and I was guesstimating deck ten—you’ve made it “official.” For me, anyway.

      Once again, glad to see you back in the game. I have another ship name and registry for you you are welcome to use: U.S.S. Columbia NCC-75102. Just a suggestion, of course. πŸ˜€

      • Oh, one question… what is the thing in place of the captain’s yacht? Just some kind of place holder or have you plans to turn it into something ee? Curious minds would like to know, and can’t wait for the final result!

  7. Shoot, one more question… What are you doing with the pod, making it a sensor pod? Those triangular ones are usually weapons pods, with fore and aft facing torpedo launchers.

  8. Oh gosh, you’re gonna end up hating me and my nitpicking, because I just realized something else… You only have 23 decks on your Neb, and they have at least 32 decks. That’s how many you put on your first Neb MSD, and I’m just wondering why you’ve reduced the number of decks on this one.

    Again, sorry to be such a pain, but details are something I’m kinda OCD about. No matter what you do, I am certain it will be brilliant.

    • Hi Christina, glad to hear from you.

      RE: the airlock, yes, I too have used the onscreen evidence from DS9 to place the airlock on deck 10. It seems the most logical place to put it anyway.

      In place of the Captain’s Yacht is a sensor pallet. I do not subscribe to the idea that every ship has a purpose built yacht built into it’s structure, I think this would be reserved for the larger explorer types.

      About the pod: This one is full of sensors with maintenance access via turbolift.
      So far as I can tell, there has never been a canon definition of what each pod does. With screen evidence proving that ships of the same class do not always have the same interior, I use artist licence on this MSD. I’m making this a Dominion War era nebula. One rushed in construction and later refitted after the war to suit what ever purpose was required. Therefore, it’ll likely be a very ad-hoc ship.

      As for the decks; As you might be able to see, I have re-profiled the hull. I found that my original profile was inaccurate, it was too deep and very exagerated. The profile I have now is a result of studying the filming and CGI models carefully, comparing them and coming up with an average.
      Once I got a profile I could live with, I used its saucer cross section and scaled it directly to the Galaxy Class saucer as they are supposed to be equal in size.
      Once I did that, I used the same deck scaling as in the official TNG MSD for the Enterprise-D.
      23 decks is all that would fit the dimensions of the ship if we accept that the saucer is the same size as the Galaxy class. It’s certainly not bigger and making it smaller would mean even less decks. The Nebula has always been rather squat, the absence of the neck takes a lot of height out of it. Any canon reference to the deck count was likely a guesstimate.

  9. Ah, glad you’re not irritated with me, lol! I very much appreciate your explanations.

    The source I cited before as to the deck count was DITL (www.ditl.org). I usually use their specs because I find them to be the most “accurate” of all the sources I’ve searched. While their number of decks given is 32 (based on the Galaxy neck being 10, from their estimate), another source says it is 30 decks (the neck being 12). So really, I guess it’s up in the air as to how many decks there actually are. I’ve just always gone with 32 as a reference because it seemed reasonable. Having only 23 decks would indicate that the neck was 19 decks tall, unless you extrapolate that removing the Galaxy neck was not all they did when manufacturing the Neb; it would also indicate that they reconfigured the stardrive section as well, removing 7 whole decks.I’ve always accepted that the Nebula saucer was the same size as the Galaxy saucer—I just always assumed that their engineering hulls were the same as well, but by your reasoning they are not. And if you used official source materials for your profile/deck count, then I guess that means your count is probably accurate. I’ll just have to rethink a few things for my writing.

    I like that you put a specialized sensor palette in place of the yacht, as I thought the yacht kinda unwieldly and frankly ugly. My captain uses a runabout for personal travel anyway.

    The thing about the pod, though, is that onscreen we’ve seen the triangular pod firing torpedoes on more than one occasion. I know that the Sutherland and the Bonchune, at least, fired torpedoes from the pod. Thus, I’ve always assumed that the triangular pod was a weapons pod, with fore and aft torpedo launchers and specialized tactical sensors, and that the round one seen on the Phoenix was a sensor pod. Then again, it makes sense that the triangular pod could be configured as a sensor pod as well, no reason why it couldn’t. The Nebula I use in my fan fiction was launched in 2373, the same year the war started, but I’ve always imagine Columbia as having a weapons pod because I thought that’s what they were. It will take some getting used to to imagine the pod as anything else—too bad you aren’t doing two versions of the Neb to account for both!

    • Nothing stopping me doing both πŸ˜‰

      RE Decks: The engineering hull on the nebula appears to be more compact that that found on the Galaxy Class. Look at the “flanging” edge. It is only one deck high on the nebula, but 2 decks high on the Galaxy Class.
      So, it stands to reason the engineering hull on the nebula is not a 1 on 1 copy of the Galaxy Class, but rather it’s own, albeit similar, design.

  10. Ooh, there might be two Neb MSDs?! Squee!

    As to the deck count… A remodeled stardrive, making it smaller and more compact than that of the Galaxy, is the only explanation for the “discrepancy” between your 23-deck Neb and the more commonly accepted 32-deck Neb (in fandom, anyway, given that there’s no canon reference). Because if all that was different between the two was the removal of the Galaxy neck, a Neb would have no less than 31 decks (not including the three sub-decks of the pod), as a canon source says the neck was 11 decks tall.

    I took a look at your previous Galaxy MSD to count the number of decks in the saucer, and you have 16 on it. At first I thought that there was simply no way a Nebula could be only 23 decks with a saucer that tall, because that would mean that below the saucer the engineering hull was only 7 decks, and compared to the numerous pictures I have, that just did not seem right. Then I counted the number of decks on your new Neb and found that there’s a difference of 2 decks between the saucer on your Galaxy and the saucer of the new Nebula—the new Neb saucer has only 14 decks (and the engineering hull 9 below the saucer). So if the Galaxy and Nebula saucers are exactly the same, does this mean that you’re missing two decks on the Neb, or that you put two too many on the Galaxy?

    Or am I just being way too OCD about the details? I probably am, but unfortunately it’s in my nature to obsess about details—hence the numerous posts I’ve made on your blog! Interestingly enough, however, in comparing the 23-deck count to this profile shot I have of the Sutherland, it looks like 23 decks might be accurate after all. Here’s a copy of the pic in case you wish to compare: http://img443.imageshack.us/img443/2938/96287421.jpg

    • Hmm, good point. I fracked up somewhere along the line!
      Oh well, to far into it now to change it. Adding more decks will put me back a month. I’ll complete it as is and re-do it at a later date.

  11. Oh no… I got called out on the blog! Thanks, Alex!

    Seriously, looking good, as always. You know I can’t wait for the finished product(s). As for fracking up on the number of decks in the saucer…we all make mistakes. πŸ˜‰ It’s probably something that just didn’t occur to you, is all, and even I wouldn’t hold that against you. Too bad that redoing it would set you back so long, so I completely understand you saying to heck with it, and planning to perhaps re-edit later on. I’m just so stoked and eager for the Neb to be done. I can only dream of having the talent and patience you have with doing these MSDs. Me, I am a word artist, not a visual artist. I’ll stick to writing fanfics and my own books…and bugging you about the details!

  12. Alex, you called me out again! We’re going to have to stop meeting like this, lol.

    And yes, I believe I noticed right away, but to be sure, I checked—you’ve added three decks (two to the saucer and one to the engineering section). This Neb is now 26 decks as opposed to 23. The docking ports are now on Deck 11. Is there more than that or did I score a hundred on this pop quiz?

  13. And just a little pointer, mate… you spelled me name wrong. There’s an ‘a’ on the end, not an ‘e’. πŸ˜›


  14. It’s okay, Alex. I forgive you. πŸ™‚

    The Neb is coming along quite nicely, yes indeed. If you need a name and registry, I can certainly give them to you! πŸ˜‰

  15. Reblogged this on theNthDoctor's Better and Worse Ramblings and commented:
    A quick update about Star Epic. The book itself is coming along… in fact, it’s almost done. I need to revisit the Fleet Characters (character classes) and Starships chapters for consistency, and finish the Equipment chapter. After that it’s just on to wrap-up and the fun part… play testing! πŸ˜€
    In a bit of wonderful news, the author of this blog post (and artist of the gorgeous images on said blog post) has given permission to use his engineering displays for Nebula-class starships, in Star Epic media. This is the first actual Trek-specific art known to be going into the book. I seriously hope to see this guy’s work in a future TV series, he is like Michael Okuda reincarnate, if a person could be reincarnated while still alive.

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