13 comments on “Entering the Nebula, Part 2

  1. I don’t know does it matter, but thank you for bothering… Love that there are some people with will and skills…

  2. Outstanding work, as always! I’m stoked to see that you finished it =)

    The chicken cages are hilarious, btw! Perhaps your funniest easter egg yet!

  3. Yay! You did do a weapons pod version! You’re pretty awesome to do both—though you know I’m gonna have to do a tiny edit and put me own ship name and registry on there. You’ve done all the hard work, though, for which you have my deepest thanks even though you did these for all Trek fans and not just me!

  4. on lesser quality lcars (easier to edit) I’ve always put attack shuttles (peregrine fighters) in the sensor pod. its always looked like a giant fighter hangar to me.

  5. The Nebula class was alway my favourite design. Beautiful work.

    I saw a shark and a car. It’s like a genre edition of where’s Wally.

  6. My Goodness! You have done a fantastic job, I love seeing R2-D2 in there, what a treat to have such detail and you’ve gone to so much effort. I enjoy this a lot so thank you for your hard work, well done friend 🙂

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