37 comments on “Galaxy Class redux

  1. ~I doubt that i would have that kind of patience, even if i did have the technical skill never mind the time….jolly good show old boy! still hope i may have a commission type job for you one day…

  2. Yeah, good thing Deck 10 is where it should be on the Galaxy redux, because when you increased the deck count on the Neb, that one ended up as Deck 11…not that I’m complaining! I swear I’m not ! At least you got the deck count of the saucer the same. 😀

    The stardrive needs one more, though—there are only 41 (total) by my count in your prelim model there. I think you could add it to the neck fairly easily—but then, I can’t do MSDs meself, so what do I know, eh?

    ~ The Details Diva

    • Hmm, I count 42 on the Galaxy. That little “spit” of space at the very bottom of the stardrive constitutues a deck, and number 42 to be precise.
      Not all decks have to be habitable, and the blue prints show nothing much more than the core ejection hatch on deck 42.

      As for the nebula, deck 10 is precisely where it should be. I added decks below it.


      Your desk is waiting for you at the back of the class 😉

  3. I know that not all decks on as ship have to be habitable and that the spit at the bottom of the Galaxy constitutes a deck, my dear—but I still count 41.

    However, given that little bit you detailed above, I see that you’ve designated decks 4 and 5—which are themselves two decks in height, which is why I counted them as such—to be just one deck. And what you have designated deck 2, I was counting as part of deck 1, as the briefing room (which we all know is part of deck 1) is on the same level. I’ve also noticed that there is a line in the “bridge module” on your Galaxy prelim cutting it in half. As I assume you are planning to do the same with the Galacy saucer, then yes, deck 10 is on the bottom leading edge—but then that would mean there are only 15 decks in the saucer, not 16, and a total of 25 decks instead of 26.

    No need to exile your star pupil to the back of the room for asking questions, Professor. Had you posted this little example earlier, perhaps I’d not have had to ask any. 😛

  4. Ha ha ha.

    The nebula does have a small, inhabitable space that can be described as a deck right at the bottom.
    But I’m happy to count just 15 and say that they flattened out the underside a little when designing it to allow an unobstructed path for the torpedo launcher and deflector. Does that tick all the boxes? 😉

  5. Actually, getting rid of that ugly old yacht for a sophisticated—and flat—sensor pallet makes all the sense in the world. I always thought that the way the yacht stick out from the bottom of the saucer would get in the way of a torpedo spitting out of that forward launcher on a Neb. So sure, the Neb and Galaxy have a 15-deck saucer and a Neb has 25 decks total.

    But how do you account for the briefing room being on deck 2 instead of deck 1, when we’ve clearly seen it easily accessed from deck 1? Only way I can see to “fix” that would be to move your deck 2 down to your deck 3, and then split your deck 4 into two decks (making it 3 and 4)—unless you are going to postulate that there are stairs leading up from the briefing room in a space we’ve never seen on screen, which would allow for the briefing room to be counted as part of deck 1 even though it is level with deck 2.

    And how are you going to fit 42 decks on the Galaxy (remember, Main Engineering has to be on deck 36!) if the saucer only has 15 decks? Looking forward to your explanation for that one!

  6. The nebula class has been shown on screen as having completely different bridge styles to that of the Galaxy class, mostly smaller, less intricate and luxurious. I postulate that the bridge module is different and therefore, anything goes.

    I still count 42 decks on my Galaxy class btw. I’ve gone over it a million times. Deck 42 is that minute little bit at the bottom.
    The saucer has 16 decks. Deck 16 being either side of where the Yacht will be. On the bluebrints, there ins’t much there aside from some equipment.

    I can see I have to draw a picture again…. ;)….. landmark decks marked out for ya 🙂
    It’s easy to get confused, if you don’t take into account that the star drive decks are offset from the saucer decks. It’s marked out like so on the official MSD.
    And to pack in the number of decks required in the hull space given, the decks are an itty bit shorter on the star drive than on the saucer.

  7. Aye, on screen we’ve seen one, perhaps two, different bridge modules for the Nebs that were featured. However, given that the bridge modules are interchangeable on the Neb and the Galaxy, and the fact that even you have stated that the saucers, at least, are exactly the same for both classes, a Neb can have the same bridge layout/module as a Galaxy (and in fact, it appears you based the Neb bridge on the Galaxy layout). Also, the only way I can see for that saucer to have 16 decks is if the sensor pallet is two decks high—at least on the Neb, because looking at that bit you’ve pictured above where you labeled out the first ten decks, there are only five below it. Unless, again, that pallet counts as two. Still gives the Neb as you’ve designed it 25 decks, which is really not a bad number. Might be an odd number, but it’s still a round one. 🙂

    And I know you’re swearing to 42 decks on the Galaxy, but even when I consider that the bridge module is split into two decks, I’m still only getting 41, which includes the sliver at the very bottom. The eyes can be deceiving, I suppose, because if there are 42 I’m counting wrong somewhere. Will probably be easier to count them when you have a larger picture posted.

  8. I see you posted the larger picture while I was writing. Okay. That explains the discrepancy I believed to exist on the Galaxy prelim. I had not considered that the decks of the stardrive section would be offset from those of the saucer.

    However, it still does not account for the difference between the Galaxy saucer and the Nebula saucer, which are supposed to be identical save for the interchangeable bridge modules. I still count only 15 decks on the Nebula saucer, unless perhaps the pallet is considered a deck unto itself. Also, on the Neb MSD you don’t have the stardrive decks offset from the saucer decks, so how does the saucer match up? I’ve been doing a little counting, and it looks to me like deck 16 on the stardrive of the Neb is the one with the torpedo control room and a horizontal turbolift shaft. If I’m right on that, then that means the Neb definitely has 25 decks. So… did I get finally, or am I counting the Neb decks wrong, too?

  9. Well, lets chalk differences out of universe to me doing the Neb before figuring out the Galaxy.
    In universe, lets just say that the although the dimensions of the saucer section are identical, the interior is not. Which leads me to the “stardrive” section on the neb.

    It’s generally agreed that the neb cannot saucer seperate. Therefore, the two hulls are far more integrated and do not allow for an offset of the decks.

    On the Galaxy, the saucer and star drive are essentially seperate craft. You cannot simply walk down a corridor at the end of the saucer section and walk onto the star drive, you need to use a turbo.
    So, seperate vehicles allows for offset decks. The saucer is the luxurious part, the star drive the “working” part, so is more compact to fit all the required systems etc.

    Makes sense in my head. LOL

  10. Or maybe there are stairs or ramps leading into the stardrive section on a Galaxy? 😛

    But yeah, it’s all your fault for doing the Neb before you figured out the Galaxy—bad Alex!

    Anyhoo… One more thing and I might actually leave you alone for a while, lol… On the Neb saucer I only count 15 decks unless you propose that this is how they are laid out:

    • Mmm, as I had proposed before. I think the nebula saucer has a slightly flatter profile on the bottom, essentialy cutting out deck 16, so as to clear the way for the torpedo launcher.


      • Which, of course, means that the saucers are not the same for the Neb and the Galaxy after all, because the Galaxy saucer has one more deck (16) than the Neb saucer (15). Like you said, OOU it’s mainly because you did the latter without matching it to the former, but IU I suppose we could say that the SCE may have used Galaxy parts when the Nebula Class first came out, but that even while those early Nebs were in production the design teams were working on a more streamlined design which slimmed the stardrive and cut deck 16 off of the saucer. Essentially this would mean there are two Nebula types, which would explain why not all the saucers on the Nebs we saw looked the same.

        Then again, with as little internal space as is actually on deck 16 of the Galaxy saucer, you could easily say that there are only 15 decks in the saucer—but that would cut your deck total down to 41 for real and we can’t do that to the Galaxy. So the above is the only explanation that works since you can’t alter the Neb MSD to include a 16th deck.

        Now that we’ve settled that, LOL, are you going to put a yacht on this new Galaxy in that deck 16 spot, or is she gonna get the Neb treatment and get a sophisticated sensor pallet instead?

      • Please not one of those ugly round ones. Can’t you put a Sovereign yacht there, or maybe an Intrepid yacht? Or heck, how about one of them Arrow/Gryphon runabout things?

    • Oh, well I guess that doesn’t look too bad. At least you’ve give us an idea of what it looks like on the inside. I don’t recall ever seeing it on TNG.

  11. I just got command of a Galaxy Class in Horizon Fleet. Do you put different names on the images for folks? My ship is going to be the USS Perseus, NCC-76767

  12. Yes, Alex has been great in that regard—he totally surprised me by adding my ship’s name and registry to the Intrepid MSD he did!

      • Hmm… I have issues with those blueprints, official though they may be. Whitefire’s are much more imaginative and Sternbach’s have a few notable anomalies on them, like the AWOL arboretum (even labelled on the exterior views but not anywhere on the deck plans themselves), the fact that all three computer cores are supposed to be identical, the peculiar “ballast computer core” in the stardrive section, and the weird and unexplained frog-leg pattern of the warp plasma conduits.

        I think I stopped regarding all “official” Star Trek documentation as absolute when it became apparent that a) they kept changing their minds b) some of them just weren’t as good as the “unofficial” documents c) they disagree with the TV series anyway. For example, there’s not a mention of nitrium alloy anywhere in the Next Gen or DS9 technical manuals, but according to the TNG episode “Cost of Living” Starfleet ships seem to be made of little else.

  13. This is Amazing, yes with the capital A. I may have to steal it when its done ;). You have no idea how much I respect your work.

    • Thank you, and I respect your work too, slowly but surely modeling the galaxy class interior! Your work is second to none.

  14. Heh, Lewis… I’ve “stolen” nearly every MSD Alex has done, just so I could have them for reference! Plus he showed major kuulness by using the name of my fanfic ship for the Intrepid MSD.

    Now to see a Nova and an Abbé…my collection would be complete.

  15. Re: artistic licence – fair enough! As Sternbach and Okuda wrote in the TNG technical manual, “…we believe quite firmly that the ‘real’ Enterprise exists in the imaginations of our audience, so it is each individual viewer’s imagination that will determine the ‘true’ form of the staship”.

    I hope you haven’t taken any of this as criticism, as it was not intended as such – merely trying to work out where your influences and decisions lie. I look forward to the final version – even if the Enterprise of your imagination differs from mine, your artwork is still plenty inspiring 🙂

  16. This is what an Abbé-class looks like. I think it may be a fan design (which originates in the Enterprise-A era), but there are specs on it and everything—which of course, I could get for you if so desired. Certainly it may be something you’ve no desire to take on, I just mentioned it as it would be really cool to see an MSD for it.

  17. Have you ever considered doing the Galaxy-X (three nacelle version) MSD? I’d be interested in seeing your interpretation of the added portions along the centerline of the stardrive section. Just a thought. 🙂

  18. Been meaning to ask – what colour templates do you use for your MSDs? There seems to be some disagreement over what constitutes “proper” LCARS design on the web, and of course different eras favour different colours.

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