9 comments on “Galaxy Class Redux – An update

  1. It’s wonderful to see that you’ve finally finished it. Well done!

    How about the Nova next? 😉

    • Thanks folks.

      JM: I’m working on getting A0 sized prints available for my shop.

      Christina: Nova class is next. After a comission I’ve agreed to do.

  2. This is absolutely fantastic work! I love it! One tiny nitpick, if I may: “Seperation Plane” has a typo… It should be “Separation”. I don’t mean to criticize, just to help 🙂

    • Intentional typo. I seem to recall one screen used MSD having the same typo. If you’ve seen my other MSDs, you’ll see I do it a lot, as well as hide little surprises in each MSD.

  3. How about a Galaxy-X Dreadnought variant? Id love to see how youd put up a third nacelle ^_^

    • Indeed it is “Targeting”

      This is one of my little nods to the wee mistakes made by production staff on a tight schedule 🙂

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