30 comments on “What to do, what to do

  1. I would suggest something from a ship interior, but not the usual spaces. Crew quarters, mess hall, etc; something that is required but not sexy to create. When I designed my own starship, I was surprised how daunting that idea was. I stopped after the bridge, mess hall, and a combat control room outline. You have great attention to detail, so interiors like a crew quarters might be a fun challenge as you figure out how to make it work!

      • I was sort of thinking plan or blueprint style, even 3D like Sketchup or 3D Studio Max, but a stylized highlight view of some of the features seems like your cup of tea as well, focusing on some of the bells and whistles of the space.

  2. The Type-6 shuttlecraft, whose internal volume by all visual evidence appears to be 100% cabin space! Should be easy, right? Life support doo hickeys? Don’t need em, hold your breath! Computer core? bah, for wimps, do it in your head! Impulse manifolds? Just christmas lights and set dressing! Warp core? Why back in the day, we pushed our shuttlecrafts to where we wanted to go! That’s right, that also means we didn’t need no fuel tanks, or sensors, or shields, or Duranium. Hell, we used tin foil and liked it!

  3. I would love to see the Okudagram panel seen in the Observation Lounge of the Enterpise E in Star Trek Nemesis. That is something I have yet to see on any LCARS site!

  4. Alex I tried unsuccessfully to upload a screenshot, but emailed it to you.

  5. ooh…i wish that screenshot was there!

    but how about enterprsie Z? or i think somebody else said F….but basically justa new enterprise……i loved the enterprise E, so much better than D which just looked like a characture of the original….shame it only last few movies…barely got to see her in anything decent/ battle scenes!
    but basically a battelship warrior class starship….even name it soemthing different to Enterprsie…not sure what though…USS Maverick? πŸ˜‰

    but lower the narcells a bit…flatten out the body….make the front saucer pit more oblong, pointy….carry on the evolution from E….slightly more like a klingon bird of prey, make it look mean and ready for a fight…..actually u could buddy up with soemone that doe sthe external shots and collaborate?

    just wishing, wishing….;-)

  6. A runabout MSD and plan view blueprints of them! perhaps with different option module layouts. That’d be sweet!

  7. Universe Class
    Odyssey Class
    Luna Class
    Vesta Class
    Prometheus Class
    Constellation Class
    NX Class
    All of the above?

  8. I’d love to see a TMP version of the Loknar USS Phobos which you did a TNG version of awhile ago. I suppose if you have the TNG version in layers, it’d mostly be a case of changing the colours in the layers to TMP colours, and changing the shuttlecraft in the shuttle bay to ones like the shuttle in STV:TFF. Oh, and the bridge to a TWOK or TFF type.

  9. i would love to see an AMBASSADOR CLASS ENTERPRISE C MSD with the closest detail that can be with what we see of the ship and colors

  10. Oh there are a lot.
    Most of them are fan-based, but I have orthos on them.

    Or what about stations:
    The Ournall class station (the giant mushroom)
    The Orbital Compex
    Regular 1
    Jupiter Station

  11. First of all, let me say your work is astonishing: I just discovered your blog and I am compelled to follow your RSS from now on!

    Getting to business, I definitely support the Master System Display of the Odyssey class from Star Trek Online.
    The biggest ship in Federation history will probably lead to the best work of art from your side πŸ™‚

    Keep on working!

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