10 comments on “Constellation Sisyphus

  1. Yes, I agree, another fine piece of work. Logical and sensible layout, same high quality we’ve come to expect. However, I do have my nit, and it is not at all meant to devalue the work. While I realize that MSDs should be of a vessel’s centerline, often times details that occur “behind” the centerline are at least outlined, and the underside of the contellation-class as seen in several episodes of TNG was studded with doo-hickies and two large bulges near where the saucer segued into the engine area.

    However, it seems to me this MSD’s shape–for lack of a better word–more closely resembles Doug Drexler’s hastily assembled CGI model he kit-bashed from the CGI Enterprise model, and omitted the doo-hickies and bulges, for a book cover gig. By his own admission the model was incomplete, but he graciously provided stunning orthographic renders for everyone. I suppose one could argue one version is a refinement of another, or one version is tailored for one job and the other for another. In any case, my two cents have been deposited.

    • I took the decision to leave off all the little bits n bobs as they would only have detracted from the overall look of the MSD. Besides, no every ship looks the same. Look at the Venture style Galaxy Class ship, then the ones with dark painted dorsal hulls in the Dominion war arc. Then there are the countless Miranda Class variants. The list goes on.

  2. wish i could see it…for some reason i can’t get the graphic to load on my machine! 😦

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