8 comments on “Venture into the unknown and explore

    • Yeah, right click the image in the main blog page and choose “View Image”. I’m not sure why WordPress changed the viewing function. Bloody annoying

      • got it! hey…why is there a shark in the dolphin pool?

  1. Greetings! I have always loved MSD images, but it always seems to be so difficult to locate hi-res files. I JUST discovered your page (I think I followed an image from a google search for something else!). Anyway, AWESOME work, and THANK YOU for your generosity of the hi-res FREE images! Now I have a few questions. Do you plan (or have you already) made the Enterprise-D dreadnaught from “All Good Things”? Will you do non-Federation ships?

  2. I don’t think that there is a stairwell in most Starfleet ships. If you think how confused the crew is when the turbolift system broke down and they have to crawl through the jefferies tubes, it would be a great improvement. And it keeps you fit, too!

    • No, not many do have them. But the Galaxy class was always said to have stairs. Gene Roddenberry said this. Can’t beat a simple set of stairs when all the power is out!

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