13 comments on “Movies Era Excelsior II

  1. Ooh – great. I’ve been really hoping you’d do Movie Era style versions of all the ships that were around then (especially the USS Phobos – hint, hint).

    I hate being at all critical but … this is a Movie Era Excelsior, but the shuttle bays have graphics of TNG and VOY era shuttles and shuttle pods. Shouldn’t they be of the shuttles as seen in ST V TFF?

  2. I know I said this before but your MSDs are grate how long does it take to make one?

  3. hey i know i read you where going to put it on your list awhile ago but are you still planing on making a msd for the galaxy refit seen on all good things?

  4. i tried to post a comment almost a month ago but it keeps saying “your comment is awaiting moderation” so I was wondering if your still planing to make a MSD for the all good things galaxy refit?

    • Thank you for your concern. I am top notch. I’ve been working very hard on a large paid commission which is running into months of work. I am being paid well for it, so it gets all my attention right now.
      This leaves little to no time for my hobby graphics. Rest assured, there will be some in the future 🙂

      • will we perchance get to see this publically?

        its good to hear you’re alright.

        by the way..why’s your page set to moderate every post out of curiousity?

      • I’ve no idea, I did not set it to be so. My guess is a software update from WordPress and that’s the new default. Will check.

        As for the work… It’s non Sci-Fi and there may be a possibility of posting it on my arpdesign.wordpress.com blog.

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