6 comments on “I’m alive! Just, but alive!

  1. Noticed the deck count is 20 (with the 21st, if exists, not having much headroom!) instead of the 23 deck figure that is commonly batted around. Does that correspond to a 289m length for the Constitution, or do you figure the ship to be slightly shorter? Also, when doing your MSDs, what source do you use for ship length vis-a-vis deck height? I know there are folks who argue a 700m-plus length for Excelsior vs a 467m length and things like that, but I was curious what YOU use. Great work, btw; I look forward to exploring the MSDs in further detail when more online time allows. 🙂

    • Yes, the 21 deck count is problematic. But it is what window configuration quite clearly supports and still allows for my average total deck height of 4M (give or take).
      To be honest, I generally do not go down the measurements road. Trying to imply mathematical logic to an object that was not designed by an engineer to represent anything approaching a realistic object is like trying to teach chickens to fly.
      Therefore, I generally go for the “If it looks right, it is right” principle. In this case, I used the window layout to get my basic deck height. The saucer being two decks high is suggested via two rows of windows. So, take that known space and distribute the decks evenly to match and you get what you see here: 21 decks. What’s more, each deck lines up with the windows with absolutely no jiggery pokery from myself.

      Thus, I find it looks right and as far as I am concerned it is right 🙂

      I learned a looooooooooooong time ago that trying to appease Star Trek fans on every minutiae was a loosing battle. So, I gave up and stick to my principle: “If it looks right, it is right”.

  2. It does indeed look right. Yeah, I agree wholeheartedly; there’s no appeasing all fans…for one valid argument, there’s other reasonably valid viewpoints to support multiple views. The 120m vs 174m Defiant argument is a classic example. Lining-up-the-windows works well. But I am curious what you ended up with regarding ship measurements when you applied that process to the Con, Excelsior, Constellation, etc; if indeed you did go and figure out measurements during your MSD process.

    And, heh heh, I’d be curious to your take on the deck count of the Oberth. 🙂

      • Did you reconfigure measurements, though? If you did the necessary legwork to (re)calculate deck counts prior to the MSDs, then did you also devise a method to figure out measurements? I’m not suggesting anything if you didn’t, but if you did, I’d be curious as to the measurements; I’m kind of a completist (read:anal) about such details. For example, the Ambassador was figured at 525 meters but not long ago Rick Sternbach said he designed it for something like 468 meters, which then throws a 40-deck count into disarray. Feel free to e-mail me privately if you don’t wish to get into that here, as you see fit.

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