9 comments on “Blueprints

  1. fine work great sir! and all very well reasoned out….things like that always bugged the hell out of me back in the day…glad somebody finally sorted it! 😉

  2. Never noticed the ‘turning right’ bit – will take your word for it.

    With regards to access to the lounge, I always thought it silly and utterly unrealistic that they would – and apparently had to – march visitors through the bridge for conferences. Sometimes, they were actual or potential enemies (like Cardassians on a couple of occasions); the bridge should be a highly secure area, and giving e.g. hostile ship captains a good look at what the bridge crew are up to, what’s on the main viewer and the rear stations etc while on the way to parlay in the observation lounge is just nonsense (and just asking them to pull a concealed weapon and commit mayhem in the ship’s nerve centre).

    However, it also seemed to me that within the vast deck area of the Galaxy class, there would be a number of conference rooms (and indeed halls for larger meetings) on a number of decks. I would actually expect, in a ‘realistic’ portrayal, meetings with visiting dignitaries, hostile leaders etc to take place in meeting/conference rooms elsewhere in the ship – in rooms adjacent to the VIP quarters, the main transporter rooms or by (or indeed within) the security section as appropriate. To me the deck one observation lounge would ONLY be used by the bridge duty shift, standby shift and loitering senior staff, not by guests/visitors at all, so the problem of access only via the bridge becomes moot.

    Then again, the same problem applies to the Captain’s ‘ready room’ office, again requiring people – again often including non-crew and junior crew – to tramp through the bridge to see him who have no actual business on the bridge. One reason why the ‘real world’ equivalent – in wet navies – to the Star Trek Ready Room is the Captain’s Day Cabin (or In Port Cabin is some parlance variants), which certainly does not involve going through the bridge to get to it, and is part of the captain’s accommodation suite. TOS and most especially TMP and TWOK actually do this much better and like in real world navies, with Kirk having his ‘office’ as part of his quarters, and having private meetings there with people who don’t have to go to or through the Bridge to get there; this is much more realistic and practical than the Ready Room as in TNG/DS9/VOY and ENT.

    Mind you, having to march enemy captains through the bridge to get to a meeting room or captain’s office isn’t my biggest gripe with TNG/DS9/VOY bridge design from an opsec point of view. That’s the MSD slap in the middle of the bridge back wall in all the designs after the Galaxy. How many times have we seen the captain, on the bridge, hailing a potential or actual hostile force immediately before or even during combat? And there the Captain sits framed in the OPFOR’s viewscreen with his MSD neatly right behind him in the image. The Federation doesn’t have to be especially militaristic to think that showing your opponent your ship’s master status display whenever the Captain makes video contact with him is not a very bright idea.

    • all true, but you can overanalyse these things though….like travelling 9 times faster than the speed of light—–ergo you’ve already crashed into/ through things before you actually SEE them, like Suns and planets and stuff…..they never did adequately explain that one either did they? 😉

  3. dude, are you French? i just noticed the time stamp- apparently i said that one hour in the future!

  4. I think you might have answered this before but what software do you use to do your MSDs?

  5. I noticed a similar design flaw in the bridge layout of the Intrepid class in some plans that I have. On Voyager, the senior staff could clearly be seen on numerous occasions to leave the conference room via a short hallway that did not take them through the bridge. On the plans I have, the hallway was there, but there was no access to a tubolift. They could only get to the bathroom and a machinery room. Other versions of the bridge I have seen do have access, and also a second office and other rooms like a lab on deck one. I modified the bridge to eliminate the design flaw.

  6. The after turbolift being able to slide over and let people out directly to the conference room makes sense. I have a question about the rectangular area in the front starboard area. Haven’t we seen on screen that a turbolift is there? Shouldn’t it be circular like the others?

    • That would be the emergency turbolift to the battle bridge. It has it’s own, dedicated turboshaft system and can thus be square. (Presumably to reduce the space needed)

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