14 comments on “Andrew Probert’s repair tug

    • According to Andrew Probert, the bottom of the ship is flat and can be use as a work space. Look carefully at the picture in my post with him holding a painting he did.

      So, the bottom two decks are upside down to facilitate the use of that work space.

      • In Space there is no up or down .. so it does make sense .. the only drawback is the turbolift rotating to match the deck

  1. That’s great work! Thanks for all the other images on this as well…what an interesting design!

  2. Picked up the 2015 ship of the line calender and was happy to see the painting Mr. Probert is pictured with is used for the Month of September. It got me to thinking, Have you ever thought of doing a calender? I would buy one.

    • I have in the past made myself a calendar.

      Despite many folks always saying “I’d buy this” all my ventures to sell prints failed due to no sales. So, I’ve not looked into making a calendar public.

      I’ll give this more thought though.

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