11 comments on “Ransom’s last stand.

  1. very nice…..but i think it’s ‘without further adieu’, French or soemthing 😉

    • He he he 😉 Some folk are no fun. No one lets me off with little things like that. Trek fans; Rivet counters, every last one of them! 😛

      • you gone and amended it now…so it makes me look like a smart arse idiot, rather than just a smart arse….;-)

  2. Is it my imagination, or do the lower 4 decks looked compressed in comparison to the upper 4 decks? Not a complaint, mind you, but an observation; I could be wrong and likely am.

    • Nope, you’re quite right. The official MSD had the decks get shorter. I just followed along.

      My guess is, the engineering decks need not be as comfortable, so less space is permissible.

  3. I agree. I rather thought the 13-feet decks was excessive space for each and every level. There are not needs for Jeffries tubes above every room and corridor.

  4. I knew Wayland Yutani was behind the Idea to convert Aliens into Fuel. It all makes sense now

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