4 comments on “Quoth the raven, “Nevermore.”

  1. Very cool. Not sure if this class vessel is the same as the S.S. Raven. It looks it though.

    Have you done one for the U.S.S. Enterprise (2009) yet? That would be cool to see.

    • It is the same as the SS Raven. I just embellished it with a class name as it is only noted in canon references as “Raven-Type”. I also made this a commissioned Starfleet vessel in this case. Hence the USS and NCC prefixes.

      I have not done the 2009 Enterprise yet due to the conflicting size data. Some have it larger than a Galaxy class (which is ridiculous as the configuration and size of the hull windows do not support that), and others say it’s between the Constitution class and Excelsior class in size. I’d get far too many rivet counters seeing fault with an MSD, so I’m avoiding it for now.

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