8 comments on “Polishing my Sabre

  1. Sorry for how this is going to sound but it makes me sad to think that you’ll probably, finally, get a job doing this… at which point you will be the proverbial janitor on the Death Star. Star Trek must die so it can live again.

      • I suggest fostering love for other, more worthy universes 😉 An artist like you could turn a minor or past sensation into something huge. Look at what Team Four Star did for DragonBall Z. Just gotta find someone who isn’t going around suing people and reducing art to popcorn farts.

  2. I love the Sabre class, (small ships don’t get enough play in Star Trek). I was thinking about printing out this MSD as a poster or making a backlit transparency on a frame?. Have you got a “best” way to turn this into a physical object?

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