13 comments on “Filming the process

  1. awesome stuff! wish i lived in LA now….wet dream come true, but i’m trapped in cuntry formerly known as England.

    • Take heart in the knowledge that I am in Scotland, led my a fanatical little woman bent on destroying a nigh on 300 year old union!

      • yay…you get to LA a lot then? 😉 but i’m with sturgeon on that…if u ever go independent maybe you could grant me asylum and i could find a way out of this ******** hole i been in for over 12 years now! 😦 you need to resurrect and clone Mel Gibson few thousand times methinks 😉

  2. oh and the MSD link as well, very nice…and stonking tune! but…it would be a lot more useful if you could tell what software you are actually using and give a commentary on the tools as you use them….? I know though, you can’t give all your secrets away…..if everybody could do it, no chance u ever get paid for it….

  3. ah….twas assuming you’d been travelling to LA to work on Axanar…..you have a paid job using that type of software? hope not overly prying….but i guess most jobs are really really dreary….jst if u get to use same skills on something more exciting it’s a big bonus!
    I’ve never really been to Scotalnd, but with has happened to England this last 20 years, what is in the process of happening….and what the state has been doing to me these past 20 odd years….:-( anywhere better than here….and i suspect if scotland has gone downhill it’s because westminster has done it to you….they still have all the power! dats the point….SNP has none. Anywhere better than here now, and my dog has just died….perfect time to escape….if only i could find a way, but i’m a prisoner 😦

    • The Scottish Government has plenty power. The problem is, the SNP are a one trick pony. They exist only to get independence for Scotland. Due to that, they are not paying attention to their job of running the place. So it’s suffering. But anytime anyone complains, they blame Westminster.

      I have a normal day job that pays y bills. My graphics only earn me £20 a month.

  4. also just looking on Adobe Illustrator…it’s not free 😦 and i do real life 3d sculpts anyway- have looked into graphics packages and CGI but too much to learn and i’m abt to hit the big 40- with younger brains and the competition…..I don’t think it worth for me….but what I have been looking for is good 3d software….that will let me design things to sub contract out to laser cutters and 3d printers….can u recommend anything on that?

  5. Well, in order to run the place as you put it….you need money! to pay for it…and that is all controlled by Westminster? Obviously, it’s in their interests to defund them so the public perception is that the SNP are crap….therefore won’t ‘vote’ for independence….? You’ve got the oil and deals with Europe….if only you could get control of that/ keep the European contracts, rest should follow naturally….? Perhaps easier to see these things looking in rather than out….
    and shoot, 20 a month isn’t very much…..you have got to be working far less than minimum wage there….:-(

    I will lookup sketchup, cheerZ!

    • We get plenty money from Westminster, the SNP fritter it away on helicopter rides and parties!
      Oil is running out and the price of it has hit rock bottom, so that is not much help.

      Deals with Europe? I would sooner trust a bear not to eat me, than trust anything Beaurocrats say.

      My day job pays the bills and pays adequately. Even better now in my new job. The graphics are all done in my free time and I don’t do them to make money 🙂

      • yeah, we never going to agree on this one…..

        and i’m same with my ‘art’, but always a dream to make it self financing and it’s always a joy when somebody is prepared to pay for something….;-)

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