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Freedom Class


I was recently contacted by someone running an improvised comedy show. They wanted an MSD type image of a Freedom Class vessel for use as occasional set dressing and promo images. This is a class of ship that has not gotten much attention or love from official sources. Its exact size, purpose and just about everything about it is unknown. It was a kitbash made for the graveyard scenes from “The Best of Both Worlds” and comprised elements of a Galaxy Class and Constitution class model, with some Ambassador class thrown in. A real Frankenstein.  As a result, there are significant scaling issues on the model, with some windows suggesting a 30 deck ship, and other windows suggesting 8 to 12 decks.

What is generally agreed upon though, is that it is a scout type ship, it’s one nacelle limiting its warp stability and thus speed, so it is more suited for border patrol or inter system patrol.
DITL scaled it assuming the nacelle has the same dimension as those on the Galaxy Class. I think (note, I said “I THINK) this is incorrect.  The Type 7 shuttle features a scaled down version of the Galaxy Class nacelle that is outwardly identical. Kinda makes sense, take an established design and just scale the nacelle up and down depending on it’s use, right?

So… this is MY incarnation of the Freedom Class, with an interior that makes sense to me.
I built this using the premise of it being a short range scout as a guide. So, if you intend to rivet count, I’m not listening, there is no official information on this ship and I’m not going to debate opinions 😛

Note the horizontal warp core. In the event a breach is imminent; The core, nacelle and antimatter pod (and also the torpedo launcher) would detach as one unit. Note the double deck just above the core. This is the separation plane. After detaching, thrusters would speed the nacelle and small hull section away while the remaining ship would take the best escape vector possible at full impulse.
… at least, that is how I envision it.

I named this example after the HMS Antelope,  F170, lost during the Falklands Islands conflict.

As I am unable to get wordpress to let you see the full sized image, please go here to see it: Clicky