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Well, what is there to say?  I’m a SCI-FI fan with a penchent for LCARS graphics. As such, this blog will feature a lot of my work in that area. If you’re an aircraft fan, keep a look out as I have an extensive list of Aircraft livery designs I have done for airlines, some have been accepted, some not

30 comments on “About my blog

  1. How do we contact you to ask permission to use your art work? Specifically, we’d like to see about borrowing the Oberth art for possible use on the Star Trek: Outpost audio drama for cover art… It is just a thought…. Thanks!

    Tony Raymond

  2. Hey, I love your work. Think you could do a specially modified Sovereign? If you’re willing, let me know and I’ll go ahead and email you the details…. If I can find it… I promise I’m looking… I swear.

  3. Greetings! Would you have any suggestions for resources to use for a newcomer into making their own MSDs for ships? I’ve been looking around the place, but I haven’t found a tutorial or anything of the sort that could give me a starting point. Would greatly appreciate any assistance. 🙂

  4. Have you thought about working with Mark Rademaker to do a Vesta Class MSD?

  5. adam ihle’s msd of the odyssey is not all i hoped for, life would be better if you did one…

  6. I saw your work for the first time today, and glad that I did. The color schemes are just beautiful. Much success!

  7. Hello Alexander , I saw your posting about Avios on an Aviation forum but as I am not a member I couldn’t post a reply.
    I’m not sure if it helps but could there be confusion when you first checked last year…..I’m pretty sure that when BA Miles became Avios the ONE WAY Avios required was 25000 PLUS taxes etc so a current cost for a return EDI_LHR_ATL would be 25000 +£246.26 going out and 25000 + £203.77 coming back for a total of 50000 Avios + £450.03 for the round trip.
    I’m guessing here but as you say you now have 28106 Avios,if we round it down to 25000 then to buy your ticket it should cost 12500 Avios +£100.00 + £246.26 going out and then 12500 Avios + £100.00 + £203.77 to come back for a total of 25000 Avios +£200 + £450.03.
    Apologies if I’ve got the wrong end of the stick but that’s my reading of the situation.
    You are probably familiar with the “Flyertalk” website…if not I would recommend a shufti….it’s not the first time that people have been caught out by the “ONE WAY” Avios pricing .
    All the best,

    • Hi Andrew, thanks for the input. I’m very sure I checked the round trip prices. I clearly remember the booking process, as it had me vexed for ages due to the return flight, no matter what connection from LHR to EDI I chose, it kept telling me there was not enough time, until I realised, the flight back from ATL to EDI is a night flight. I had the connect leaving LHR for EDI on the same date as the ATL-EDI leg was leaving. Once I figured out I had to set the connection date for the next day I was able to proceed. The itinerary clearly stated EDI-LHR-ATL-LHR-EDI. I had flown the same flight in 2011 so was well versed in booking it (aside from the date snafu).
      I checked several times over the course of April to calculate and re-calculate the projected cost of the trip. The fact that the normal, non Avios round trip costs £591 all in confirms it for me.

      I’ve heard of Flyertalk, never visited, perhaps I should 🙂 Cheers

  8. I hope this isn’t in violation of your guidelines, and I make this not as a request, but rather to put a bug in your ear. Have you ever thought about doing an LCARS graphic (not MSD, but control panel) using the Star Trek VI-style LCARS? I used to do them a lot when I had Corel Draw, but haven’t had access to it in years.

  9. Hi, again. I was wondering if you would share the CMYK numbers you use for colors in the movie-era LCARS MSDs you use. Thanks!

    • I don’t have them to hand just now as I’m away from home. I’ll take a look and post them later.
      Which era in particular do you mean? ST:6 TUC – era or Next gen movies era?

      • Also, would you mind telling me what font you use for those TMP-era bridge consoles? I’m guessing it’s something simple, like Helvetica, but I just want to be sure. Thanks!

  10. Hi! long time lurker here. I was just wondering if you’ve ever considered doing animated screen savers? I realize that’s a far cry from a static image. It’s just a thought I had looking at your more extensive MSDs. I was also wondering if you’re planning of finishing the Wolf 359s and doing a Flying Skillet-er-I mean Freedom class ship. Don’t know why, but I’m just fascinated by that ugly little thing.

  11. Amazing site I literally looked at your work for days. Wonderful skill and attention to details. Was wondering if you could do an MDS of the Danube Runabout. Just a thought

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