23 comments on “Starbase ops has cleared you for approach…

  1. SpaceDock’s got Everything. Extra-strong coffee (courtesy of Lakota), a designated lo-fat interface, and a prehistoric Megaladon shark in a tank in the lower core…

  2. This is spectacular! Only suggestion I could possibly make is larger text by the ships themselves. Even at 400% magnification, I couldn’t read it…too blurry.

  3. I’m sorry if this graphic bears any resemblance to any of your work, but considering the nature of LCARS, I’m sure you will concede it is not intentional. I drew this completely by eye in a fashion that made sense to me, as I always do.

    • Just so the record is clear, this graphic has never been seen on Star Trek, I made up this design. I think it wrong to copy and pass it on as your own.

      • And just to be clear: I never once set eyes on your graphic. In fact I tend to avoid your work as your rip off prices annoy me. At the end of the day, you and I are following a well defined graphic design. It is natural that every so often, our designs will clip.

  4. Pretty much. When you showed me yours, I was quite surprised. But it’s the truth. The saying “Great minds think alike” comes to mind

  5. I’m sorry you feel that way. I’m not one to lie, let alone steal or plagiarise. It’s obvious you are set on the idea that I copied you. I’ll be leaving this comment thread up for all to see as a gesture of understanding and to show I have nothing to hide and that I am truly being honest.

  6. You are being quite arrogant. You do not know me from Adam. I resent your accusations. But you know what, I’m past caring now. I tried to be truthful and polite, but you just keep going on. It’s time you dealt with the harsh reality that you’re not the only one capable of replicating unique LCARS designs. Stop being so big headed and just accept that there 7 billion people on this rock and once in a while, unique designs from two different people end up look similar.

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