18 comments on “Something is in the air

    • Nope, no image. I’m leaving it to your imaginations.
      I’m 90% with the drawing of this. But only 20% from the total production.

  1. looking fwd to it as always…..but i have got to second the Liberator idea! plenty to work with as apart from the bridge not a lot of sets were built…and the ship was massivE possibly even update it a bit- i know u can do better than wasking up liquid bottle! 😉

  2. Deep Space 9?

    The definitive final “oh, so that’s where the warp core actually was” original 1701?

    Is there a clue in the title? …Some sort of aircraft maybe?

  3. I would guess the Prometheus. You did say that it was next on your to do list and the above image looks like the Prometheus class without the lower two nacelles (the lower outlined image not the intrepid class above it).

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